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Solar Screens

* Block up to 90% of the sun's damaging UV rays

* Reduce temperature in rooms by as much as 20 degrees

* Savings of 25%-30% on summer cooling bills is typical

* Provide privacy from outside, similar visibility from inside

* Cut glare for added comfort

* Protect furniture, carpets and artwork from fading and UV ray damage

* Allows ventilation and acts as an insect screen too

* Screens can easily be removed in the winter months

     Solar screens block sunlight before it hits windows and enters the home. These screens come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They can be customized to fit any window, despite any irregular design or pattern. They can be permanently installed or able to remove with thumb turn type clips from the outside like any other mesh screen. This allows you to open your windows for ventilation, while still keeping out the sun, insects, and dust particles.

    Other products have drawbacks: window film or window tints cannot be removed, sometimes bubble up in the heat and always voids the window manufacturers warranties & interior solar window shadings such as interior blinds or insulated drapes do not block, reflect or absorb the solar heat before it passes through the glass into your home, allowing heat build-up that causes your air conditioner to work twice as hard to maintain that "desired" temperature you demand.


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