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      Tabletop industry standards are 1/4" thick if sitting on an existing piece of furniture that supports the glass completely.

     If the glass itself is going to be your primary table it should be at least 3/8" to 1/2" thick and supported properly by either a base or pedestal or two of each.

     All tabletops should have edgework that finishes off the edge of the piece so its safe to handle and pleasing to the eye.

     Tabletops can be made any shape or size and can be several colors, from rectangles to diameters and we can even drill holes if needed for desktop wires on computer equipment. By calling All-Pro Glass you can get the proper information and piece for the job.

Examples of Edgework Available

3/8" Glass with 1" Bevel

3/8" Glass with a Pencil Polish

3/8" Glass with a Flat Polish

Examples of Polished Edgework


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CA License #771241

Always use an "active" licensed contractor that is

bonded & insured check on-line at

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